Stock for Sale

We have the following for sale

Black Welsh Mountain Sheep

We have been increasing the size of our Black Welsh Mountain Flock but may have a few shearlings or older ewes for sale.  

Jacob Sheep

We have a few ewe lambs by Celtic Iron for sale.

We have a few older ewes both registered and unregistered for sale.  Mainly Hope and Goodleigh bloodlines.

Shetland Sheep

2016 ewe and ram lambs in a variety of colours by Brae Faik and Seaxpenne Snap including fawns, greys and moorits.

A few yearling ewes by Brae Faik and Mandeville Skein including a moorit gulmoget and a fawn katmoget and two moorits.

We have no alpacas available at the moment.

Please contact us if you are interested in seeing our animals.  We are always happy to show people what we have but please make an appointment first.  Please remember that you will need a holding number before buying any sheep.