Shetland Sheep

We were looking for a solution to our need for more animals to help with a field restoration project we are undertaking when a friend suggested taking a look at Shetlands.

We discovered that in addition to being extremely useful as conservation grazers Shetlands can be companionable, charming and great fun to be with.  Shetland sheep from the Mandeville flock formed the basis of our foundation stock and in 2015 we were lucky enough to acquire Seaxpenne Snap who won championships in that year at both the Mid Devon and the New Forest shows.  Brae Faik has given us some beautiful moorit lambs and several of his ewe lambs have been retained in the flock so for 2016 Snap will be joined by Seaxpenne Atlas.

Meanwhile some of the other Shetlands:

Mandeville Florence leads the charge for attention followed by her Mother Mandeville Medici.

Mandeville Summer

Whoever thought Shetlands ran away from people never met this crowd who are always demanding attention!

Show classes for Shetlands are few and far between in this area but in 2013 we took Mandeville Skein, Mandeville Oud and her ewe lamb Afontaf Thomasina and Mandeville Purple to Martletwy Show.  None of the Shetlands were badly placed but we were delighted that Mandeville Purple was placed second in a large class for Hill Breeds and then combined with Mandeville Oud to win the pairs class.

And here are some of our 2014 lambs enjoying some rare sunshine in the nursery paddock

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