Black Welsh Mountain Sheep

Our aim is to breed Black Welsh Mountain sheep that are true to type and maintain the hardiness and character of the breed.

We are members of the Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Breeders Association under our prefix of Fronhaul and our registered flock number is 01209.

Our stock rams are Wenallt Nevern and Wenallt Strider.  Nevern was purchased from Mr Edward Williams in 2011 as a ram lamb and is by Wenallt Jose Mourinho.  Nevern was 3rd at the Pembrokeshire County Show on his only show outing in 2011.  In 2012 Nevern was 1st at Martletwy Show on his only time out.  Strider has only been lightly shown but was 1st at the Pembrokeshire County Show as a lamb.

Shearling ewes by Wenallt Jose Wales

Wenallt ewes running with Popeswood Jay who was with Nevern one of our foundation rams.